Monday, February 3, 2014

New History Blog: United States Exploring Expedition Visits Hawaii

History Education Hawaii is pleased to announce the newest addition to its Hawaii History Blog Project, a program of its Hawaii Lyceum of History: United States Exploring Expedition Visits Hawaii. 

As with other history blogs, this site will be occasionally updated. Features include word-search capability, language translation and the ability of users to post comments and questions under individual postings. 

Texts are being directly transcribed by volunteers from various early19th and 20th century Hawaii-based news sources. 

History Education Hawaii hopes that this will generate interest and discussion inside and outside of the classroom, promoting scholarship and capitalizing on the increased popularity of online access via portable handheld devices anywhere in the world. 

History Education Hawaii, Inc., is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit 501(c)3 educational corporation in the State of Hawaii. It is the official allied council of the National Council for History Education (NCHE).

Friday, January 17, 2014

New History Blog: Chinese History in Hawaii

History Education Hawaii, Inc., the designated 'council' in the State of Hawaii of the National Council for History Education, is pleased to announce the release of its newest history blog, Chinese History in Hawaii.

The Hawaii History Blog Project with the Hawaii Lyceum of History is a program sponsored by History Education Hawaii, Inc. We are the officially recognized council of the National Council for History Education (NCHE).

This project, like our other programs, help history educators, students, historians and history buffs better understand their connection to history and history education. The blogs featured here were created and are maintained by history teachers, individual and student teams in Hawaii and scholars for public benefit. 

We at History Education Hawaii hope that this evolving, interactive archive will interest students and teachers in an outside the classroom.